Katrine Aalbæk Jepsen

Katrine Aalbæk Jepsen
Masters Student
Involved in projects


2013-2018: Master in Nanobioscience at SDU.


I work with Molecular Dynamic (MD) Simulations and QM-Calculations to investigate different accepts of the DNA repair proteins photolyase and DNA ligase.

With molecular dynamic simulations I have investigated the binding between DNA-photolyase and cryptochrome to DNA with a (6-4) photolesion. Currently the main focus of my research is to get a better understanding of the nick sealing by DNA ligase using both MD Simulation and QM-Calculation.


Computational reconstruction reveals a candidate magnetic biocompass to be likely irrelevant for magnetoreception, Ida Friis, Emil Sjulstok, Ilia A. Solov'yov, Scientific Reports, 7, 13908, (2017)