Albrecht Haase is visiting the group

Prof. Albrecht Haase, will be visiting SDU on January 25 and will give a seminar entitled "Olfaction: from reception to perception, new insides from insect brain imaging". The seminar will take place in the FKF colloquium room at 14.00.

Albrecht is a physicist by education and since recently he is leading the Laboratory for Neurophysics at the University of Trento, Italy. We hope that the topic of his research will be of interest to you, so please join us on the 25th.



I will present recent studies on fundamental aspects of the sense of smell. Experiments are based on advanced fluorescence imaging techniques applied to insect brains that, although having much a smaller and simpler structure than the human brain, show an impressive performance regarding odour detection, distinction, and memory. These animal models allow new insights into several mechanism involved in odour perception, from the interaction between odour molecules and olfactory receptors to subsequent neuronal information processing allowing to distinguish complex odour signals.