Configurable spatiotemporal properties in a photon-pair source based on spontaneous four-wave mixing with multiple transverse modes

Daniel Cruz-Delgado, Jorge Monroy-Ruz, Angela M. Barragan, Erasto Ortiz-Ricardo, Hector Cruz-Ramirez, Roberto Ramirez-Alarcon, Karina Garay-Palmett, Alfred B. U'Ren.
Optical Society of America
Optics letters
We present an experimental and theoretical study of photon pairs generated by spontaneous four-wave mixing (SFWM), based on birefringent phasematching, in a fiber that supports more than one transverse mode. We present SFWM spectra, obtained through single-channel and coincidence photon counting, which exhibit multiple peaks shown here to be the result of multiple SFWM processes associated with different combinations of transverse modes for the pump, signal, and idler waves.