Multiscale description of avian migration: from chemical compass to behaviour modeling
J. Boiden Pedersen, Claus Nielsen, Ilia A. Solov'yov
Scientific Reports
Despite decades of research the puzzle of the magnetic sense of migratory songbirds has still not beenunveiled. Although the problem really needs a multiscale description, most of the individual researchefforts were focused on single scale investigations. Here we seek to establish a multiscale link betweensome of the scales involved, and in particular construct a bridge between electron spin dynamics andmigratory bird behaviour. In order to do that, we first consider a model cyclic reaction scheme thatcould form the basis of the avian magnetic compass. This reaction features a fast spin-dependentprocess which leads to an unusually precise compass. We then propose how the reaction could be realized in a realistic molecular environment, and argue that it is consistent with the known facts about avian magnetoreception. Finally we show how the microscopic dynamics of spins could possibly be interpreted by a migrating bird and used for the navigational purpose.