DySoN conference in Italy

From Monday, the 18th to Friday, the 22th October, the group participated in the DySoN conference in Santa Margherita Ligure in Italy. Various presentations of members of the group were held: Ilia Solov'yov gave an Overview of Multiscale with cryptochrome as an example. Anders Frederiksen's presentation was about the Structural and dynamic traits of avian cryptochromes. Gesa Grüning gave a talk about the influence of dynamics degrees of freedom on spin relaxation in the European Robin cryptochrome. On the last day of the conference Jonathan Hungerland hold a presentation about the Phase transition of alanine polypeptides in water, Maja Hanić talked about dimers in Cryptochrome and Georg Manthey presented the structure prediction of proteins with alphafold and traditional methods. Also, Fabian Schuhmann presented VIKING, and Siu Ying Wong gave a talk about why four tryptophans could be better than three in cryptochrome.