Ilia Solov'yov

Ilia Solov'yov
Associate Professor
Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy
University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M


Room: Ø13-602a-1
Tel: +45-6550-2532
Fax: +45-6615-8780
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Curriculum Vitae

Solov'yov has a strong background in computational physics and biology. Since October 2013 he heads the quantum biology and computational physics research group ( at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Odense, Denmark. Solov'yov employs and extends methods of classical and quantum molecular dynamics, Monte-Carlo and multiscale techniques to model biophysical processes that involve chemical reactions, light absorption, formation of excited electronic states, transfer of excitation energy, and transfer of electrons and protons. Solov'yov has an extended expertise with high performance computing and simulations of large molecular systems exceeding 1 Mio atoms.