Ilia presenting at the CECAM meeting in Israel.

Ilia Solov'yov is attending a conference Frontiers in Multiscale Modeling of Photoreceptor Proteins which is organized at Tel-Aviv University by Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire (CECAM):

The meeting will bring together the leading scientists in the field of multiscale modeling of light-sensitive proteins who will identify grand challenges, as well as discuss the development of new tools to address them. In particular two different research area will be addressed:

1) Spectral tuning, describing how the absorption of the chromophore is regulated by the protein environment.

2) Characterization of photochemical reactions such as photoisomerization, excited state proton transfer etc.

Ilia will present the group's work on multiscale modeling of cryptochromes and will make a focus on VIKING, which can be a useful tool for such investigations.