Dynamics of Systems on the Nanoscale, Nanoscale, Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology
edited by
Ilia A. Solov'yov and Alexey V. Verkhovtsev and Andrei V. Korol and Andrey V. Solov'yov


Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology (LNNST) aims to report latestdevelopments in nanoscale science and technology research and teaching — quickly informally and at a high level. Through publication, LNNST commits to serve the open communication of scientific and technological advances in the creation and use of objects at the nanometer scale, crossing the boundaries of physics, materials science, biology, chemistry, and engineering. Certainly, while historically the mysteries in each of the sciences have been very different, they have all required a relentless step-by-step pursuit to uncover the answer to a challenging scientific question, but recently many of the answers have brought questions that lie at the boundaries between the life sciences and the physical sciences and between what is fundamental and what is application. This is no accident since recent research in the physical and life sciences have each independently cut a path to the edge of their disciplines. As both paths intersect one may ask if transport of material in a cell is biology or is it physics? This intersection of curiosity makes us realize that nanoscience and technology crosses many if not all disciplines. It is this market that the proposed series of lecture notes targets.