Introductory quantum mechanics, autumn 2016 (FY521: 5 ECTS)


This is a Bachelor level course that is subdivided in two parts. In the first part of the course we give the students a basic understanding of the quantum mechanical wave mechanics and its application to different physical phenomena supplemented by an introductory training in the mathematical formalism and problem solving.

The course gives an academic basis for further studies in quantum physics, as well as studies among others the topics particle phycis and solid state physics, that are placed later in the education.

After completing the course the student is expected to be able to:

  • qualitatively explain how the wave function of a stationary state depends on the energy of the particle and the form of the potential
  • solve the Schrödinger equation for simple one-dimensional cases, both analytically and numerically
  • explain the energy spectrum of the infinite well, the harmonic oscillator, and the Hydrogen atom and know the form of the associated wave functions
  • calculate particle reflection and transmission probabilities for scattering in one dimension
  • understand how band structure emerges in one-dimensional periodic potentials.

More information about the course is available here.

University of Southern Denmark, Department of Physics Chemistry and Pharmacy
Ilia Solov'yov