Physical Biochemistry, fall 2017 (BMB540: 5 ECTS)

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The course provides knowledge of physico-chemical principles of bio-macromolecular organization and cell function. This course teaches students to how to apply general thermodynamic  and kinetics principles to different cellular systems by combining both theoretical and experimental point of views. The course an academic basis for studying the topics of the bachelor project but also of courses, such as advanced molecular biology and metabolic regulation as well as bioanalytical instrumentation and advanced microscopie, which are part of the degree.

In relation to the competence profile of the degree it is the explicit focus of the course to:

  • Give the competence to connect thermodynamic and kinetic concepts with molecular and cellular processes.
  • Give skills to be able to analyse biological and biochemical systems from a quantitative standpoint.
  • Give knowledge about the quantitative, physical and chemical basis of biochemical systems.

You can read more in the course description.

University of Southern Denmark
Teaching assistant
Vikas Dubey