VIKING (Scandinavian Online Kit For Nanoscale Modeling), available at, is a convenient, user-friendly online interface for running various simulations developed and maintained by QuantBioLab. It breaks down popular software packages to be set up in a wizard supplying an abundance of default settings. This wizard makes the included software accessible to beginners to biomedical and biochemical computer simulations and significantly decreases the time spent by experts.

Currently, VIKING includes the following software:



While all the software is continuously developed to increase functionality or adhere to modern computational possibilities, VIKING is undergoing continuous development to accommodate such updates, including, but not limited to, allowing choices between Gaussian09 and Gaussian16 or, depending on the available supercomputer resource, simulate with both NAMD2 or NAMD3. Furthermore, VIKING undergoes upgrades with software developed within the workgroup to broaden the possibilities. Such tasks include MolSpin, Virtual Screening, or Pep McConst.

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